How to record with fraps more than 30 seconds

how to record more than 30 seconds with frapsSo this it’s the question that you maybe having , I’m right ? I will not tell you what it’s Fraps and what you can do with it because if you want to know how to record more than 30 seconds you already know how this tool works and what you can do with it also I think you know some settings that need to be made to use Fraps like a king ( HD quality , FPS tracking etc . ) In order to use more than 30 sec you need to have the premium version of Fraps but this cost more than 50$ that’s the problem you have , but we got you a alternative to get it for free .


How does this method works ? It’s simple you need a simple crack to make fraps working for free . You can download it from you regular website or you can search it on Yahoo for example and I’m sure you will find a working one because it’s not so hard to hack a software like this one but we carefull because a lot of websites are promoting spyware’s and I think that you don’t want to get one , you need to scan it after you download it , and only after you scan the crack you can make an action (eg. Copy – Paste , Run ) most of spywares can be activated when you make an action like I told you before and it’s safe to download them .

How to download Fraps Crack ?

  1. Search of Google / Yahoo for “ Fraps Cracked”
  2. Click on the first website
  3. Download it
  4. Scan the crack using your favorite anti-virus
  5. Copy and Paste it to the installation directory
  6. That’s all

So like you probably read in the above article it’s very easy to record more than 30 seconds using Fraps , but the only problem it’s that you need a premium version so that’s why we showed you how to get a working crack for it , we are testing a crack right now and until now we didn’t had any problem using it , so if you want to download it visit this website , so i hope you like my article and you have now a clear vision about how to record using this tool for more than half of a minute .


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