Logic Pro For Windows

Does Logic Pro X For Windows it’s really exist ? A lot of people are asking for the same question , no it’s dosen’t sorry . You need to check for other alternative for Windows . I think Apple don’t want to release a Windows version of Logic Pro because they want you to buy a Mac to use this soft . And they are right i know a lot of friend of mine that are making music they were forced to buy a MAC because of this software but today it’s over you will not need to buy a Mac Book only because you need a simple tool like Logic Pro .

You can’t acces Logic Pro on Windows but you can download a better altenative for it for example it’s a software called FL Studio it’s very popular on Windows i think it’s the most used music editing tool . And it’s cheper than Logic Pro , 200$ it’s expensive for a simple tool and you will need to pay extra for each update but with Fl Studio you will pay one time 100$ and you will have lifetime free updates .If you want to test both tools on Windows you shoud check this website out because there are some information about how you can use Logic Pro For Windows

Fl Studio VS Logic Pro


Like you can see in the picture above Logic Pro in Left and FL studio in right , FL Studio has a ugly GUI , and Logic Pro it’s more easy to use it because you don’t have so many option and you will have help for each option and you can cumsize the track how you want , but if you want to produce really high quality music like Justin Bieber does or other big artist you need Fl Studio , after Logic Pro released the X version they are the most sold music software ever made with over 1 million copy’s . So do you ever tried to use Fl Studio or Logic Pro ? Please leave a comment below and tell us your experience with these 2 tools .


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